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On The Day

Key Points

Welcome to the 2024 TLA London to Brighton Sea Change for Mental Health Cycle!

We are doing this event to raise money for NABS and UOS. Over the last 5 years we’ve raised over £110,000!

This page should provide all the event information you’ll need to enjoy the day.

  • ALL RIDERS must register ahead of the event HERE. this is so:
    • We can provide the correct support and guidance on the day.
    • We can check all riders in and out of the event.
  • Date – Friday 31st May 2024
  • Time – Arrive at the Columbia Hotel for 07:30 latest! We’ll start the Grand Départ at 08:00.
  • Start Location – Outside The Columbia Hotel, Lancaster Gate (Google Maps | What Three Words). Key points:
    • Rack your bike
    • Checkin with the registration team
    • Help yourself to Coffee and Cake
    • Fill your water bottle
    • Put your bag in the luggage vehicle
  • Logistics – Our cycling partner European Cycling Tours (ECT) are supporting the event:
    • They’ll be at the start with cycling racks, pumps for your tyres (if needed) and water for your bottles
    • A luggage vehicle will be available to bag drop, this will meet you in Brighton, we cannot guarantee you can access it during the event so be prepared for the 62 miles.
    • A support vehicles will shadow the ride throughout the day to assist with any mechanical issues.
    • One support vehicle will be available at the lunch stop in Bletchingley.
    • All riders will be provided with contact details at the start.
    • Skilled cycle leaders who know the route will be available who teams can follow to Brighton.
    • Download the What3Words app, very useful to give your exact location if you need support on the day!
  • Route – GPX and FIT files of the route are available below (link)
    • There will be 1 official stop, for lunch at Bletchingley Village Hall.
      • You are welcome to stop for a rest or carry on.
      • Lunch will be provided.
    • Optional unofficial stops – you are welcome to use the facilities and purchase refreshments at these locations.
  • Safety and Clothing
    • Helmets are mandatory and front/rear lights are recommended.
    • Please ensure you have equipment for fixing minor issues at the roadside (i.e. a puncture).
    • Please dress appropriately for the weather conditions☀️
  • Bike
    • Please arrive on a suitable bike, capable of completing the route and distance which is in good condition.
    • Hire. Our partners at www.onyourbike.com can offer bike hire from £49 to £99. You will be able to book directly through them and we will arrange drop-off at the start and pick-up at the finish. When booking through them, please add ‘A2B‘ to the name on your booking.
  • Half-Distance / Relay
    • If you wish to ride halfway then you can meet (or leave) your team at the Lunch Stop in Bletchingley.
    • We’re not officially supporting a relay option, so please arrange transport yourself. We recommend using Redhill train station, which is closest to Bletchingley Village Hall.
  • Lunch Stop
    • A full catered lunch will be provided at Bletchingley Village Hall.
    • Lunch will be inside the village hall where you can sit down and refuel.
    • A support van will be available for any bike maintenance.
  • Finish Line
    • Head to the pier for photos, before heading over to Pattens bar, for a generous open food and drink tab!
    • Collect your finishers medal and get reunited with your bags at Patterns Bar
    • We have exclusive use of the bar and terrace areas
    • Bike storage is available while you’re in Patterns
    • Drinks on arrival – feel free to ask if you want something different though!
    • Food is provided from 17:00 onwards.
      • A range of pizzas will be available (inc vegan and gluten-free options).
    • Remember, it’s an open bar so food and drink is complementary.
  • Getting Home
    • If you are using the train home after the event please be aware of Southern Rails cycle policy, “You can bring non-folding cycles on many of our trains. But during the busy morning and afternoon commuting hours, space on board is at a premium. So unfortunately, we can’t let you bring regular bikes along during peak hours. Peak hour trains are the following (Monday through Friday, excluding Bank Holidays) between 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.”
    • The after party at Patterns is on until midnight, so no pressure to rush off!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Included?2023-05-27T10:07:46+01:00
  • Easy access to mechanical support throughout the day
  • Luggage transfer to Brighton
  • Coffee and snacks to warm up at the start
  • Catered lunch stop on the route
  • A wooden finishers medal
  • An amazing after-party in Brighton with music, food and a free bar!
Why Ride2023-05-27T10:07:25+01:00
  • The cycle will provide a chance to bond with teammates, make new friends and make a meaningful difference for others.
  • Challenge yourself!
  • You’ll play your part in helping our charities fulfil its mission to improve the wellbeing of everyone.
  • 100% of entry fees received for the cycle will go to charity.
How to Enter2023-04-06T10:29:41+01:00

If you’d like to enter or would like any more info please get in touch via the contact form or email [email protected]

Fitness Level Required2023-05-27T10:07:12+01:00

Everyone is welcome! The cycle is open to people of all cycling abilities – from first-time road cyclists to experienced riders. The support team will be on hand to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey for everyone. The event is not a race, it’s a charity event designed to be inclusive, and as such provisions such as lunch and finish line food timings are centred around when we expect the bulk of riders to be available.

You can also opt to ride half distance (31 miles / 50 km), which means riding to, or starting from the lunch stop and using public transport for the other part of the journey.

It’s not a race, some may complete it in 4 hours, others 10 hours. Whatever your ability we’ll ensure you make it to the finish to celebrate your achievement.

Changes for 20242023-05-27T10:05:00+01:00

Whilst feedback for previous events was very positive we can always make the event better! Currently we are looking at:

  • Minor changes to the 2023 route
  • Changes in lunch stop and finish line food.

Email [email protected] if you wish to share any feedback from previous years.

What happens at the start?2023-05-27T10:03:49+01:00

We meet at the central island outside Columbia Hotel, Lancaster Gate (Google Maps | What3Words), from 07:00.

We’ll have racks to for bicycle, water for your bottle(s) and coffee to prepare along our cycling partners, European Cycling Tours who’ll be on hand to provide any last minute bike maintenance.

You’ll also be able to store a bag in the European Cycling Tours van, which will meet you at the end.

After we’ve got everybody checked in and registered we’ll ensure everybody knows who their cycle leader is, do a quick round of thank you’s so we can get you on your way!

The grand depart is at 08:00, when we head towards Marble Arch for the obligatory event photo!

What happens at the finish?2023-05-27T10:03:29+01:00

After 62 miles we’ll reunite at Patterns Bar in Brighton (Google Maps | What3Words), we expect the first riders at around 14:00 but it’s not a race!

Feel free to head the pier for a finish line photo before heading over to Patterns, where you can be reunited with your kit from European Cycling Tours, and store your bike in Patterns whilst you celebrate.

There will be an open bar upon arrival and food will be served when we’ve all riders have safely been accounted for.

We’ll have exclusive use of the bar until midnight so feel free to relax and celebrate your achievements! Just don’t forget to take your bike and kit with your when you leave.

What support is available during the ride?2023-05-27T10:02:41+01:00

We will provide the route map in advance (GPX)which you can use on your phone or cycle computer. ALL RIDERS should have the route in case you become detached from your group. We ask that at-least one member of your group is the nominated leader. TLA Cycle leaders may be available to jump into teams that need it but this cannot be guaranteed.

At the start you’ll be given an emergency support contact (ICE Card) in case you have any issues such as mechanical you’re unable to fix by yourself.

Please take everything you need for the ride as it’s unlikely you’ll be able to access any kit you store on the van before the end. This includes:

  • Lights
  • Puncture repair kit
  • Water bottle(s)
  • Clothing appropriate for the weather

We will have 2 floating support vehicles throughout the day, along with a set support vehicle at the lunch break in Bletchingley. A member of ECT team will also act as the back marker ‘Lanterne Rouge’.

How can you support the event2022-05-27T12:47:53+01:00

If you would like to support the London to Brighton Sea Change event please contact us.

Support is always welcome, from sponsoring the event, setting up your own or Team Just Giving page or helping on the big day.

Half-Distance Option2023-05-27T10:00:59+01:00

You can choose to ride half distance (31 miles / 50 km) in a relay with each of you completing half the route!

This means means riding to, or starting from the lunch stop and using public transport for the other part of the journey whilst your relay buddy cycles.

Choose to start from Marble Arch and cycle through London or cruise into Brighton and watch the pier come into sight.

Please note. If you are hiring a bike AND only riding the second half you should make arrangements to collect your bike from the start.

Bike Hire2023-05-25T04:40:56+01:00

No bike for the big day? No problem www.onyourbike.com has you covered. Choose from a variety of bikes, and book online with them. Bikes will be delivered to the start for you to collect, and then the bikes will be picked up in Brighton after you complete the challenge.

When you register and select Bike Hire you will be given instructions on how to book your hire.

Bike Parking in Brighton2023-05-27T10:19:58+01:00

Bike storage/parking will be available at the finish line venue so locks aren’t necessarily required but please bring one if you would like to.

Event Bike Insurance2023-05-27T10:15:48+01:00

All participants are required to organise their own personal sports travel insurance. We recommend Sports Cover Direct – https://www.sportscoverdirect.com/sports-accident-insurance/  but please also check any personal/work insurance you in place which may already cover you.

NB. This event is categorised as an ‘Organised road cycling event of no more than 72hrs’

Luggage Transfer2023-05-27T10:19:13+01:00

You can drop your bag off at the start line registration, we will have tags/pens available to add to your bag.

The luggage van will then go straight to the finish, where bags will be transferred into Patterns Bar to collect when you finish.

Unfortunately. due to logistics, there will be no opportunity to get access to your bag at the lunch point so please carry anything with you that you’ll need for the whole ride.

Challenge Yourself

The Route

Led by a support team, this is a cycling experience not to be missed. It is open to people of all cycling abilities, although training is recommended.

The iconic route will begin in South London before taking in the beautiful Surrey and Sussex countryside and finally embarking on Brighton’s iconic beachfront.

Once in Brighton, you’ll celebrate a successful day’s cycling at an exclusive after-party, complete with music, food and a free bar.

The GPX of the 2024 route is below so you can load it onto your bike computer or smart phone.

Partners and Charities

Sea Change

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Event Organiser

European Cycling Tours

Cycling Support

Patterns Bar

Finish Line Venue



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