Key Points


  • ECT (Jason)
    • Desk/Table/Chairs for rider registration from the Columbia
  • NABS
    • Flags from NABS for start
  • TLA
    • Bring Rider List
    • T-Shirts
    • Medals


Location – Lancaster Gate, outside the Columbia Hotel, Central London.  (Google Maps | What Three Words)
Time – 07:00am – 09:00am

  • 0730 – Checkin with Jason ECT
  • 0815 – Speak with all riders
    • Key Event Points
    • Charlie speech
  • Help Required
    • Welcome riders
    • Hand out health and safety (ICE) cards
    • Registration desk / rider sign-in
      • TLA to bring rider list
      • Flags from NABS
    • Point out where to rack bikes, get water and to drop bags
    • Offer guidance and answer questions from riders (we will ensure all volunteers are up to speed on event information)
    • Offer morale and encouragement to those taking part
    • Photographs at Marble Arch – go ahead of the teams at 0800

Lunch stop

Location – Bletchingley Village Hall (11-minute bus ride from Redhill Train Station).
Time – 10.30pm – 2.00pm

  • Checkin with Jason ECT
  • Help Required
    • Outside the venue – guide cyclists from the road, toward the village hall. (There is a tricky turn that some may miss if not guided in)
    • Inside the venue – show cyclists where to rack bikes and get refreshments from.
    • Inform them where the rest rooms are
    • Offer morale and encouragement and answer any questions


Location – Patterns Bar, Brighton
Time – 3pm onwards

  • Checkin with Jason ECT on arrival
  • 1800 – Speech from Under One Sky Mikkel?
  • Help Required
    • Cyclists who go straight to the pier
    • Welcome/Cheers them, offer to get their photo
    • Direct them towards Patterns Bar (to reunited with kit, food/drink)
    • Welcome cyclists into Patterns Bar
      • Registration desk / rider sign-out
        • TLA to bring rider list
        • Flags from NABS
        • Handout medals
    • Show them where to put their bike
    • Inform them where the rest rooms are
    • Get reunited with kit (help ECT transfer from Van if possible?)
    • Tell them where to order drinks and when food will be served

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